Not every company can afford models to display products. The challenge that presents itself in these instances is how to resolve the need to launch a product with supporting marketing material, both digital and print.

“This is where I excel!”

Often in social media ads and Amazon I have seen sloppy presentations whereas clip art was used to quickly place a product upon a product presentation. I acquired the tools and skills to present products in a manner that was realistic and professional for clients. At times this required the use of rendering software as well.

VALOR Fitness Obstacle Power Cage

Project: The product sample arrived missing the parts needed to complete the cage for ads, social media posts, and pre-product launch.

Solution: This was a BIG item. I found an angle to take a RAW photo, as you can see it was very incomplete. The solution was to remove the background noise from the photo and create the missing images based on product knowledge for a finished product.

Software: Adobe Photoshop