Photo Correction / Branding – VALOR

Not every company can afford models to display products. The challenge that presents itself in these instances is how to resolve the need to launch a product with supporting marketing material, both digital and print.

“This is where I excel!”

Often in social media ads and Amazon I have seen sloppy presentations whereas clip art was used to quickly place a product upon a product presentation. I acquired the tools and skills to present products in a manner that was realistic and professional for clients. At times this required the use of rendering software as well.

VALOR Fitness Heavy Bag / Boxing Gloves

Project: Needed to create an image for an ad and social media displaying the Valor heavy bag and boxing gloves on a boxer.

Solution: I would use the display product, photo stock, photography, and an employee to create a presentation of the heavy bag and boxing gloves.

Software: Adobe Photoshop

These are more examples of situations, for VALOR, where a product needed to be presented before the final product was available using solutions as those above.