Amazon Retail Store Design

Online Sales Channel Store Design

Many companies complement their online retail with other sales channels, such as Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. I have firsthand experience with these channels as having run a successful fitness brand on Amazon and can use this experience to build your A+ Content and Store Fronts. The images, videos, and information that is incorporated will enhance your store and how Amazon ranks your content. Using product rendering, photo correction, and other design elements I will build your brand in such a way that regardless of if you are running your store out of your bedroom, garage, or a warehouse, your customer will see you as a legitimate quality business. Brand trust is important when advertising your business on Amazon, or other sales channel stores. I can also build your Social Media store front as well.

These images are broken up, as these are parts of a full-page product and store on Amazon.

I can render your product, photo correct, create graphics, and tie the brand for continuity between your Amazon site, website, social media, and other web channels for a complete branding experience.