Largo Family EyeCare Branding

Logo, Web Design, Paper Stock, Business Card

Eye doctors are a tricky bunch. The most common visual element that most optometrist request is an image involving the eye. I have been involved in more than one of these projects. With Largo Family EyeCare (LFEC), I wanted to present something a bit different, while still satisfying the request of the doctors. So I took on this challenge, along with some other branding needs for the practice.

Project: Logo design, paper stock, website, and a business card that would serve two purposes: 1) A contact card 2) An appointment card.

Solution: Once the color pallet for the practices branding was established, I tackled the idea of a visual element that would be what the doctors wanted, but also something that would be unique to the practice. LFEC is in Pinellas County Florida. The staple for the county is the cable expansion bridge, The Skyway and the cruise ships that visit. The idea that came to mind was that of the bridge in the eye with a cruise ship passing through.

Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator